What To Do After Your Move

Featured image via PxHere

We spend a lot of effort giving our customers tips on what to do before their moves, but we’re sorry to say that we haven’t spent much effort on after the move. It’s an easy mistake. Most people think of the time before the move as the most stressful, and in many ways it is, but post-move has its own stresses. You may be living in a new city or even a whole new state. Even if you’re moving right down the street, there are new things to get used to and a new home to organize.

Go grocery shopping

Even if you’re a takeout queen (or king) you’ll need some staples such as drinks, bread, peanut butter, etc. While you’re at the store, don’t forget cleaning supplies and toiletries if you didn’t move them.

Explore your new home

Do all the light switches work? Is the home child-proofed? Do you have adequate security, such as locks? Are the windows safe? Do the smoke/carbon monoxide detectors work? Do you have a fire extinguisher on each floor? Measure for curtains and grab some paint samples for any walls you might want to paint.


There’s no huge rush to unpack most of the boxes, other than to get out from under a pile of clutter. However, there are certain things you’ll want right away. Hopefully those boxes are labeled as such.

Explore the neighborhood

Scope out the coffee shops, parks and any shopping. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Say “hi” to some of your neighbors. Ask for people’s favorite restaurants and hangouts.

Change your address

We actually recommend you change your address before the move, since you can put a change date on the address change card. Let your bank and credit card companies know you’ve moved.

Get a library card

It might seem so 20th century, but library cards are cool again. Borrow books for free. Research the area and get to know the history of where you are living. You can even use their computers while you wait for your internet to be connected.