How To Manage A Long-Distance Relationship

Image via Wikimedia

In many ways, there has never been a better time to have a long-distance relationship. While our grandparents had mail and landlines, we have Zoom, FaceTime and relatively inexpensive travel…until now. The COVID pandemic has added new complications to long-distance dating, and it has forced some into long-distance situations.

For some, COVID has opened up a little world of long-distance relationship possibilities. Since the bar scene and other in-person ways of meeting are all but impossible, online dating has taken on a whole new significance. Since working from home is a new norm, many are open to the idea of meeting someone far away with the idea of moving if things go well.

Schedule time to talk

We all like the idea of spontaneity, but it can leave one party wondering what’s happening if the other party doesn’t answer. Avoid awkward insecurity by scheduling times to talk.

Have dinner together

Fix and eat dinner together at least once a week, if not once a night, via Zoom or FaceTime.

Send care packages

Let someone know you love them with occasional care packages. They might include treats, games you can play together, books you can read at the same time, and of course, love notes.

Watch TV or movies together

Zoom and FaceTime are great ways to enjoy the same kind of entertainment at the same time. Take advantage of streaming services or on demand TV. Share thoughts after the show.

Host virtual parties

If you have mutual friends, of if you want to introduce your new love to your friends, host a virtual party. Do a game night or cocktail party. You can even introduce your partner to your parents, if you’re ready.

Make a plan to make your long-distance relationship go local

The pandemic will come to an end at some point. Make a plan to move in together once things go back to normal, or even before then.