Our Favorite 2022 Home Design Trends

Featured image via Wikimedia

Okay, we’re movers, not interior designers. That said, we see a lot of homes. Some are perfect; they almost seem as if no one lives there. Others are very lived in, but most are somewhere in the middle.

We also see a lot of design choices. Lately, we’ve seen a lot of gray and white, which is fine, but a little boring. Before that, it was a lot of beige and taupe. We’ve also seen a lot of clean lines and midcentury modern furniture. So what are we seeing now?


We’re glad to see that colors are back for 2022! While we’ve seen several pops of bright colors, most of the colors we’ve seen are soft. We’ve seen celery greens, denim and lighter blues, and even some purples. Beige is making a comeback, as are browns.


2022 might be the year of natural textures! Macrame, a staple of the 70s, is back! As are weaving, textured wood, etc. Texture is warm and inviting, but if you’re uncertain about it, start with a small piece or two.


As more and more people are working from home, they’re bringing nature inside with houseplants. If you aren’t sure about jumping into texture, put a plant or two in a macrame hanger.


Wallpaper may be another throwback to the 70s and before, but it’s so much easier now. There’s no more need to spread glue. It all comes with an adhesive back and they smooth out very easily. Once you’re sick of the wallpaper or you’re ready to sell, you can peel it right off.


We’ve seen a lot more light in our customers’ homes lately. Many are even taking their window coverings down (maybe because of all the plants). Skylights are a popular addition for light-challenged homes.


We’ve seen a lot of converted basements, basement gyms, and basement home offices. Many of our customers are leaning into the area’s darkness with deep, rich, moody colors and wood tones. Think cozy coffee house chic.