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San Francisco Is Nation’s Fastest Growing Moving Destination

  Does the Bay Area seem a bit more crowded lately? It’s not your imagination. Despite...

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Facebook Tells Us How Tired We Were After Time Change

While you might finally be recovering from last week’s time change to Daylight Savings Time, Menlo Park’s Facebook compiled status updates, and found that as a nation, we were walking zombies.

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Which Home Improvements Are Worth It?

  Buying real estate in the Bay Area means one thing – compromise. Even with large budgets, buyers encounter tiny rooms, small yards, limited bathrooms and outdated fixtures. Truly move-in-ready properties are rare, and even when you do find one, they are pricey and most buyers want to add their own touches. On average, home…

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The College Moving Habits You Should Drop Now – And The Ones You Can Keep

  When I was in college and in my early 20s, I moved often. It was fairly easy then. Not only was my body young and able to take the abuses of carrying heavy items up and down stairs, I had young, strong friends, who were willing to pitch in for no more than beer…

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