10 Uses For Moving Blankets

Blankets are the most critical part of the move.
Blankets are the most critical part of the move.

Moving blankets are ugly. We get that, but they are one of the most practical things you can own and they aren’t that expensive. What are some of the things you can do with moving blankets?

1. Protect your furniture – Moving blankets can protect your furniture long after you’ve moved. If you are hosting a kids’ slumber party, throw them over your sofa to keep it free of sticky fingers. They also do wonders against pet dirt and hair.

2. Protect your floors – If you are moving a few things around your home, put some moving blankets down on the floor. You can even tape them down with painter’s tape to keep them from sliding around.

3. Protect your car’s upholstery – They make great seat covers for when you transport pets.

4. Make moving furniture easy – This probably isn’t about what you think it’s about. When you are moving furniture, put a blanket underneath and slide the blanket along the floor. Suddenly, the furniture will feel a lot lighter and it won’t damage your floor.

5. Keep them in the trunk of your car – A clean moving blanket isn’t just for moving. Its quilted fabric is very utilitarian, but it will also help keep you warm if you ever find yourself stranded.

6. Use it as pet bedding – It’s not a designer bed, but pets just like to sleep on something that’s not a hard floor. A moving blanket can be a great bed for either dogs or cats.

7. Use as sound insulation – Tack some moving blankets up on the walls or on the ceiling and you will have a surprisingly well-insulated room.

8. Use them as cheap rugs – Put them down on a concrete floor or in an area that is particularly susceptible to dirt. They are washable.

9. Use them for storage – When you put your furniture in storage, it’s best to protect it with something that is breathable. A moving blanket is a perfect solution.

10. Protect the walls – You can either tack them up on your walls as is, or there are special kinds of moving blankets that have grommets for that purpose.

Of course, don’t forget to use lots of moving blankets if you…move. They are inexpensive, at about $15 to $20 each. They are available from several online retailers or any moving company, truck rental company or moving supply store.