Don’t Let The Movers Move These Items

WLA_hmns_Peridot_and_Diamond_JewelryThe other day, I was watching TV and in some commercial, people were complaining about various things movers had done to them. Sure, there are moving horror stories everywhere. Sure, movers do sometimes break things – as does everyone. But one really stood out to me. A woman complained that movers lost her jewelry.

I looked at my husband and said, “are you kidding me?” He was concentrating on something else, so all I got out of him was a very unsatisfactory “what?” Still, point made.

Great movers are amazing. They are strong, hard-working, meticulous and will get you from your old home to your new with nary a care. If something is damaged or lost, a good company will shine with its customer service. Still, there are certain things that you don’t want to leave in the hands of movers.

1. Jewelry – Yes, this was the one that prompted this blog. Sure, let the movers move your costume jewelry, but if it’s valuable, take it in your car. Few moving insurance policies will cover expensive jewelry.

2. Important paperwork – Mortgage papers, car titles, birth certificates, passports, etc. should always be in your possession.

3. Computer harddrives – Always backup your computer before the move and take the backup with you. Ideally, take laptops and tablets with you.

4. Cleaning supplies – Movers can’t take anything corrosive or explosive. It’s a bad idea to give movers anything that could leak all over everything else you own. Move your own cleaning supplies. You will probably need them after the movers leave and before they arrive in your new home anyway.

5. Propane tanks – Again, movers can’t move anything explosive.

6. Perishable foods – If you are just moving down the block and you ensure the movers load the food last, maybe, but the back of a moving truck gets very hot and unless the food is very accessible, it might be in there a while.

7. Pets and children – You’d think this would go without saying, but we’ve seen and heard everything. Mostly, customers want us to take their children because the children really want to ride in the truck. We’ll be happy to give your children a tour of the truck, but our insurance won’t let us take them with us. Sorry.

8. Plants – I left this one for last because it’s sort of a grey area. On local moves, movers can move plants, but again, the truck gets very hot. If it’s a short distance, stabilize the plant’s pot. Let the movers take your big plants. They can take your small plants, but it’s still recommended that you move those yourself. If you are moving out of state, you should always make other arrangements. Unfortunately, that often means leaving them behind.