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How Many Movers Do You Need For Your Move?

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One of the biggest misconceptions in moving is that less is better when it comes to manpower. On one level, it makes sense. For local moves, customers generally pay per hour per mover. Fewer movers mean a cheaper move, right? Well, not exactly.

For lack of a better term for the hardworking men and women who pack boxes and lift heavy furniture for 8-12 hours a day, movers are important tools. As any mechanic or handyman will tell you, it you don’t have the right tools for the job, the job won’t get done right.

It’s the same with moving. If you don’t have enough movers, the move will take much longer and it could even end up costing you more. How? For one, tired movers are slower movers, and if they don’t have the help they need, they will become unnecessarily tired.

More than that, though, each mover in a move has a very specific role. One or more might pack. A couple might wrap furniture and another loads the truck.

Sure, too many movers can trip over each other. That’s why a moving company should know as much as possible about your move before arriving. That way they can properly prepare and make your move as fast and as inexpensive as possible.

How many movers do you need?

Naturally, the answer to that question depends on your home. While things can vary (I’ve seen one bedroom homes need five or six movers), here is a general rule:

A typical studio or one bedroom apartment will need two movers (one mover is a very bad idea and generally never done, even for tiny moves).

Two and three bedroom homes generally need three to four movers.

Four bedroom homes typically need four to five movers.

Anything larger than that can vary and will absolutely need an on-site assessment.

There are several variables. If you have a lot of stuff, or if you are very minimalist, things might be different. If you have stairs or if the truck needs to park far away from your front door, an extra mover might be called for. If you have a piano, it might require an extra mover or two. Talk to your moving coordinator.

What Do The Movers Expect Out Of The Move?

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1795763_818068038217889_6419290821201040947_nWhat do the movers expect out of the move?

Okay, that’s a strange and a bit of a trick question. The most simple answer is that the movers expect their customers to be happy. They expect that the move will go smoothly, with no headaches.

They expect that there will be no damages. They expect the move to go as quickly as possible with as much grace as possible.

But, that’s not really why you’ve clicked on this link. You want to know about things like tipping and feeding the crew. While none of that is expected and no one will ask, except maybe for a glass of water, if customers feel inclined, there are some guidelines that can be followed.

Food: Movers work very hard and they do get very hungry. Some will pack their own lunches, but it’s always appreciated if customers order a pizza or some sandwiches.

Note that lunch breaks are on their time, not on yours.

Drinks: The first couple of times I moved, I bought every variety of drinks my local 7-11 had. At the end of the day, I realized that the movers generally only drank maybe one or two of the varieties. Then, I learned to call ahead or simply ask when they arrive.

Moving crews often adapt to each other, which means they often drink the same thing. Sports drinks and energy drinks are particularly popular. So is good old fashioned water.

Tip: I can’t stress strongly enough that while some movers do ask for tips or do that not-so-subtle hesitation before they leave, it’s bad, bad form. It’s actually a sign of a very bad moving company – or at least one who isn’t too concerned about your opinion.

That being said, if the movers do a good job, tips are absolutely appreciated. In general, 5 percent of the move ($50 on a $1,000 move) is reasonable. You could also just tip $10 or $20 per mover, depending on the length and difficulty of the move.

Don’t Let The Movers Move These Items

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WLA_hmns_Peridot_and_Diamond_JewelryThe other day, I was watching TV and in some commercial, people were complaining about various things movers had done to them. Sure, there are moving horror stories everywhere. Sure, movers do sometimes break things – as does everyone. But one really stood out to me. A woman complained that movers lost her jewelry.

I looked at my husband and said, “are you kidding me?” He was concentrating on something else, so all I got out of him was a very unsatisfactory “what?” Still, point made.

Great movers are amazing. They are strong, hard-working, meticulous and will get you from your old home to your new with nary a care. If something is damaged or lost, a good company will shine with its customer service. Still, there are certain things that you don’t want to leave in the hands of movers.

1. Jewelry – Yes, this was the one that prompted this blog. Sure, let the movers move your costume jewelry, but if it’s valuable, take it in your car. Few moving insurance policies will cover expensive jewelry.

2. Important paperwork – Mortgage papers, car titles, birth certificates, passports, etc. should always be in your possession.

3. Computer harddrives – Always backup your computer before the move and take the backup with you. Ideally, take laptops and tablets with you.

4. Cleaning supplies – Movers can’t take anything corrosive or explosive. It’s a bad idea to give movers anything that could leak all over everything else you own. Move your own cleaning supplies. You will probably need them after the movers leave and before they arrive in your new home anyway.

5. Propane tanks – Again, movers can’t move anything explosive.

6. Perishable foods – If you are just moving down the block and you ensure the movers load the food last, maybe, but the back of a moving truck gets very hot and unless the food is very accessible, it might be in there a while.

7. Pets and children – You’d think this would go without saying, but we’ve seen and heard everything. Mostly, customers want us to take their children because the children really want to ride in the truck. We’ll be happy to give your children a tour of the truck, but our insurance won’t let us take them with us. Sorry.

8. Plants – I left this one for last because it’s sort of a grey area. On local moves, movers can move plants, but again, the truck gets very hot. If it’s a short distance, stabilize the plant’s pot. Let the movers take your big plants. They can take your small plants, but it’s still recommended that you move those yourself. If you are moving out of state, you should always make other arrangements. Unfortunately, that often means leaving them behind.

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