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Decorating Trends For 2014

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Middle Eastern Inspired Interior with soft colors, from

It’s still only January, but spring is right around the corner. Soon, Mother Nature will freshen up, lighten up and brighten up. Why not do the same with your indoor surroundings? Here are a few ideas to give your home some up to date touches.

Walls are getting lighter. Look for “blushes” of color, like pink, blue or even white. Contrast them with dark, masculine tones, especially in furniture and wall coverings.

One big color, according to Brian Patrick Flynn of Flynnside Out Productions, is my perennial favorite (I use it as a neutral), red-violet. Another trendy color is navy blue.

Instyle Indulgence Interiors disagrees on the wall colors. They predict dark and glamorous. “Move over white walls, in 2014 we’ll be seeing rooms with a lot more drama and glamour. Dark, moody walls in black will be the perfect backdrop to the metallic accessories that we’re all loving right now.”

Elle Decor calls “radiant orchid” the color of 2014. It’s a light, almost mauvey purple. All of their color picks are subdued – perhaps not quite a blush, but not the strong colors seen in recent years past.

For kitchens, white is coming back, even in appliances. For many years now, stainless steel and granite was the go-to look for modern kitchens. Whirlpool has introduced its “white ice” look, which is a stainless accented white. This is good news for people who spend too much time chasing after fingerprints on stainless steel, but it might be slow to catch on. White countertops and cabinets are also big for 2014.

Metallic accessories (other than appliances) are one of the things almost everyone agrees about this year, but the difference between now and in the past, is that mixing metals, is the way to add interest. Try combining flat and shiny metals as well as different tones.

2014, like 2013, will be the year of do-it-yourselfers. Beat up vintage furniture can get a brand new and completely unique face with some work from you. I’m also seeing a lot of paint, whether it be on furniture or even on kitchen cabinets.

Another unique DIY idea is to upholster wood furniture, for a softer look and one that will cover all flaws.

Look for florals, similar to what your grandmother might have had (and that’s not a bad thing), especially in the spring. In fact, traditional, elegant looks are all the rage right now. Imagine Nob Hill or New York’s Upper East Side, circa almost any time.

If traditional isn’t your thing, go funky, even kitchy. According to the Wall Street Journal, macramé is coming back. Can hanging spider plants be too far behind? Bohemian is also hot, but with more subdued colors. Look for middle eastern inspired patterns.

Whatever your tastes, you will find trends that you can work with. Of course, if you don’t want to go all out and make major changes, a few modern accessories and throw pillows can change the entire look of a room.

How To Decorate On The Cheap (VIDEO)

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It’s funny how moving your old stuff in a new home can make your new place feel like home, but it can also make it feel a little empty.

If time and patience are more prevalent than money, you might be surprised at the beautiful results you can find at thrift stores and dollar stores.

Tips to Make Your New Home Yours

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You’ve moved into your new home. Every item is in its proper place, but still, everything looks out of place. Everything you own fit so well in your old home, but now? Everything looks okay, but it’s just not you. Your first instinct might be to start fresh – buy new furniture and accessories. If that’s in the budget, do it, but if you are simply looking to make your new environment seem like home, you can do it on the cheap.

1. Paint – Before a home is sold, most real estate agents and stagers recommend painting all walls in a neutral color. Neutrals are inoffensive to potential buyers but do you really feel that all those shades of white and light beige bring out your dynamic personality? Paints are being made better and better every day. The days of having to use a primer and two coats are gone. Some paints have primer built right in and some eliminate the need for a second coat altogether. Even tape is being made more user friendly. The great thing about color is that right now, anything goes. House Beautiful has some great tips on choosing color based on your personality. And if you like the idea of neutral, they even have some tips on choosing the right one.

2. Accessorize – Why buy a new sofa when a couple of throw pillows will change its look? Why buy a new bed when a beautiful fabric draped over the headboard will make it pop? Buy some flowering houseplants for extra color.

3. Landscape – Okay, landscaping can be an expensive and time consuming process, but there are many changes you can make on the cheap and on the quick. A few new flowering plants and a stone path might be all that’s needed to send a warm welcome to your new neighbors. Here are some tips to inexpensively turn your new yard into your yard.

4. Change the hardware – New kitchen and bath drawer pulls and cabinet nobs can make your rooms feel almost renovated.

5. Decorate your walls – Every piece of art doesn’t have to be an original and every original doesn’t have to be a Monet. Sometimes, it’s fun to make your own. Buzzfeed has some really great ideas for DIY.

Now that your new home looks like you, it’s time to really make it you. Warm your bathrobe in the dryer. Pour a glass of wine and take a long, hot bath. You’ll feel like you’re at home in no time.

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