Top 8 Free Tools and Apps to Help You Plan Your Move

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Whether it’s your first move or your 50th, one thing is for sure: moving can be complicated. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some free tools and apps to help you sell your house, pack and unpack and travel?

To help with that process, Ninja Movers has compiled a list of top free tools and apps that you can take advantage of when you plan your moving details. Read on to see how you can make your move just a little bit easier:

Pre-Move Apps and Tools

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Google Keep

A calendar, notepad, and daily reminder list all-in-one, Google Keep is an incredibly useful tool to help keep track of your move. The app allows you to create notes and set reminders that can easily be shared with friends, movers, or anyone else who may be helping with an aspect of your move.

If writing notes is not your preferred method of keeping track of things, don’t worry; Google Keep has you covered. Notes can easily be made using your voice or you can take a picture and quickly upload it into the app.

Google Keep is a great way to keep track of your move and share necessary information with whoever needs to know.


Have a lot of stuff that you are worried about? This free moving app helps you keep track of all of your belongings. You can take pictures and easily inventory the contents of your home, room by room. Sortly makes it easy to share this list with your Bay Area movers or anyone else who may be associated with the move. The app is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is enter each item, how many you own, and the value of each. This can make an insurance claim quick, easy and as painless as possible.

The app not only helps with packing, but also makes unpacking a breeze. Sortly can be used to help organize your things while packing up, so you know exactly what is contained in each box. No more looking for something for weeks after the move only to find it in a random box labeled “kitchen.”

Sortly is a must download for anyone planning a move, especially those with many possessions!


One of the free tools and apps that is used to buy and sell items locally, OfferUp is a great resource for anyone who is moving. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, moving can be a great time to purge yourself of unnecessary things. Just download the app and start selling! By selling off unnecessary items prior to your move, it can not only make your move easier but the money earned can help to cover some the costs of renting a moving truck or hiring movers.

Offer Up can also be a great tool to find deals on new things you may need once you’ve completed your move!

Honorable Mention


Moving brings up a number of difficult questions, but for many, deciding what to do with a vehicle can be one of the worst. There are tons of options out there and it is important to consider them all before making a decision on what to do with your ride. That’s where the CarMax app or website tools can help.

CarMax allows you to search vehicles by zip code in addition to make, model or type. You can find the current value of your Jeep, your family SUV, you name it. This information will help you determine whether or not your car should make the move with you. Upon arrival, use the app to help find something new should you decide to sell your car prior to moving.

Shipping your vehicle is another option, but tends to be fairly expensive. After getting a quote from a vehicle shipping company, you can factor the cost into your decision on whether or not the car should stay or go.

Post Move Apps and Tools

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Nextdoor is an app that should be downloaded as soon as you arrive at your new home. It’s a social network for your own neighborhood. This can be a great tool to help you meet new friends, find a pet sitter, or even just get some recommendations on where to go out for dinner.

Great Pros

No home is perfect and many homebuyers have a long list of projects planned well before they actually move in. This home services tool helps you find trustworthy and reliable contractors and repairmen that can help make these projects happen quickly. The app even screens businesses through the BBB.


Though the move itself may be over, the task of unpacking can be daunting. Finding pots, pans, and other kitchen supplies, heading to the grocery store, then cooking a full meal? That sounds even worse! This is where Postmates comes in handy. Create an account, download the app, and order whatever you need.

Postmates is like your personal assistant, only a lot cheaper. The app lets you order everything from toothpaste to groceries to alcohol. 

Honorable Mention


Yelp is another of the great free tools and apps to help you find good restaurants and entertainment options once you’ve gotten settled. It allows customers to leave unbiased reviews of local businesses.

Look through user uploaded images, read menu-items and read in-depth reviews without leaving the house. This will help you to save time and energy while you get get moved into your new San Francisco home.